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Hey there! I'm Anne.

With nearly 20 years in the science classroom, I know the struggles high school teachers face every day. I’ve experienced the disconnect between the boring and ineffective curriculum I had and the engaging and relevant classroom I wanted.

That’s why I’m committed to empowering science teachers just like you with creative, rigorous, and engaging resources so you can love teaching again!

So maybe you’re here because…

  • You’re a new teacher struggling to juggle multiple preps successfully.
  • You’re tired of staying late after school just to keep ahead of your students.
  • Using an outdated textbook and a hodge-podge of worksheets you found on Google isn’t giving you the results you want.

Let’s face it: the reality of teaching doesn’t often match our expectations.  Challenging students, limited resources, and a lack of planning time can cause some serious stress.  

Heck, in my first two years of teaching, I taught two science preps from a tiny rolling cart!

Despite my abrupt reality check, I loved teaching.  I also found that I had a knack for creating lessons and activities that my students enjoyed.  They learned the content and looked forward to my class.

When my daughters were little, I switched to a part-time teaching position, which gave me more time to focus on the details of lesson-planning.  I began my tiny store on TpT hoping my resources could also be helpful to some other teachers.  It turned out that other teachers were hungry for better curriculum options, too.  And so Suburban Science was born. 

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with public school teachers, homeschooling groups, and after-school tutoring programs.  I keep up with current scientific research and teaching trends so I can provide you with the best teaching tips and resources for your science classroom.  I love to learn and challenge myself, which is why I earned a Master’s degree in Biology Education and added a Chemistry certificate- all while raising three tiny kids!

I am passionate about:

  • Making creative and relevant science resources that will grab your students’ attention and keep them learning.
  • Providing challenging lessons that encourage collaboration and critical thinking.
  • Creating detailed and organized courses that you can use with limited resources and planning time.

So let me dive deeply into curriculum while you relax and get back to what you love- teaching!

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