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How and When to Write a Science Lab Report

I’m not sure that any high school teacher would say she loves having students write science lab reports. It’s often a lot like getting your kids to eat their vegetables- you know it’s good for them, but what a struggle to get them to do it! And grading lab reports

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Using Science Cornell Notes for Biology Notes

I’ve seen and used several different note-taking methods with my high school science students over the years, but Cornell-style notes have quickly become one of my favorite strategies. I’ve found that science Cornell notes are an easy and effective way for students to record important information from PowerPoints and even

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Homeschool Science Labs: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

I’ve been teaching high school science for over 20 years and a number of those have been as a homeschool science educator. Over the years, I’ve heard questions repeated from homeschooling parents regularly: “High schools near me don’t even do real labs anymore.  They’re all virtual.  Why should I spend

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Earth Day Projects for Secondary Students

Need some Earth Day projects for teens? Earth Day is a great opportunity to bring relevant environmental issues into the middle school or high school classroom. These students are part of a generation that will soon be responsible for protecting the environment and encouraging conservation in their own communities, so

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Virtual Biology Lab Activities

Although most classrooms have readjusted to in-person lab activities, occasionally students and teachers still benefit from virtual Biology lab simulations. If you don’t have the opportunity to complete labs in the classroom, there are some great virtual lab options. Many free virtual Biology lab options are available, but rather than

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Homeschooling Science: Three Advanced High School Options

My homeschool science co-op students are constantly looking to me for advice on advanced high school courses and college admissions.  Although I’ve insisted that these decisions are best made within their family, over time I’ve realized that homeschooling parents often don’t understand the nuances of advanced coursework.  In fact, the

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5 Biology Labs You Can Do with Household Items

Doing Biology labs at home can be daunting! Parents using a homeschool science curriculum often have a hard time coming up with interesting labs that don’t require a bunch of hard-to-find supplies.  Although these can be easy to find for grade school students, they can be harder to find at

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