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Chicken Wing Dissection Lab



This chicken wing dissection lab is a great no-prep activity for Biology and Anatomy students to learn about anatomy and physiology of the arm. Dissection instructions, teacher tips, and student worksheets are included. A video link is also provided to give students an additional visual before or during dissection.

*Please note: This lab is included in my Muscular System Unit and my Full Anatomy Curriculum.

Terms addressed: tendons, ligaments, skin, triceps, biceps, articular cartilage, bone marrow, radius, ulna, humerus, scapula, synovial joints, epiphyses, metacarpals, prime mover, antagonist


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Included in this resource:

-1 page of teacher instructions and teaching tips

-1 link to a unique video demonstration of this lab (perfect for absent students)

-1 page of student dissection directions (print & digital included)

-1 student worksheet page to demonstrate comprehension (print & digital included)

-Answer keys for all items


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