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Five Senses Lab Activity



This 9-station student-directed senses lab is a great low-prep activity for Anatomy or upper-level Biology students to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the senses including hearing, vision, touch, balance, taste, and smell. Student instructions, lab worksheets, and diagrams are all included.

*Student worksheets are now also included in digital format for use in Google Classroom or any other online platforms that use Google Slides.


Senses and terms addressed:

Touch- Two-point discrimination, free nerve endings, hair follicle receptors, Pacinian corpuscles, Ruffini’s corpuscles, Merkel’s disks, Meissner’s corpuscles, thermoreceptors, accommodation

Smell- Olfactory epithelium, olfactory bulb, cilia, accommodation, olfactory fatigue

Taste- Gustation, papillae, filiform, fungiform, foliate, circumvallate taste buds

Vision- rods, L-cones, M-cones, S-cones, dichromacy, sex-linked trait, blind spot, cornea, aqueous humor, lens, fovea centralis, retina, hyperopia, myopia

Hearing- ear drum, malleus, incus, stapes, frequency of sound, age-related hearing loss

Balance- endolymph, semicircular canals, relationship between vision and balance


*PLEASE NOTE: This resource is also included in my Nervous System and Full Human Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum.


Included in this resource:

-1 page of teacher directions w/ set-up and materials list

-9 stations for testing physiology of senses (background information and procedures are provided for each station) *See the PREVIEW link above for specific information about each station

-Diagrams for additional information

-1 student packet with discussion questions for assessment of understanding (printable and digital versions included)

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