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Frog Dissection Lab



Ah, the Biology frog dissection- a staple of any life science course. This one has everything you need: just add frogs! Includes lab directions, student worksheets, diagrams and pictures of frog anatomy, and discussion questions.

This lab is specially designed to be completed in two class sessions. The first part includes external anatomy, which allows teachers to keep the frogs intact for the next class. In the second part of the laboratory, students explore the internal anatomy of the frog.

This is a basic introduction to vertebrate anatomy for general Biology classes. It is not meant to be a comprehensive or exhaustive exploration of anatomy and physiology. Please check the preview carefully to make sure it fits your curriculum.

Included in this product are:

  • A set of step-by-step dissection procedures for a student-led frog dissection (One set for external structures, one set for internal structures)
  • student worksheet for completion during work. Students label diagrams and answer thought-provoking questions about the frog’s anatomy and physiology. (One worksheet for external structures, one worksheet for internal structures)
  • video demonstration of the dissection for teachers or absent students.
  • A complete answer key for teachers for both sections of the lab.


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