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How and When to Write a Biology Lab Report

I’m not sure that any high school science teacher would say she loves having students write lab reports. It’s often a lot like getting your kids to eat their vegetables- you know it’s good for them, but what a struggle to get them to do it! And grading lab reports

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Using the Cornell Method for Biology Notes

I’ve seen and used several different note-taking methods with my high school science students over the years, but Cornell-style notes have quickly become one of my favorite strategies. I’ve found that science Cornell notes are an easy and effective way for students to record important information from PowerPoints and even

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Using Histology in your Human Anatomy Course

When you think of anatomy and physiology labs, chances are you think of dissections or other hands-on lab experiences. Perhaps that’s one reason the study of cells and tissues (called histology) is often overlooked in the high school anatomy classroom. Medical professionals understand that histology is essential to our understanding

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5 Activities to Promote Movement in the Science Classroom

Scientific research has shown the average learner needs to move his or her body every 20–30 minutes. When students (or adults for that matter!) sit too long, it can lead to decreased oxygen flow to the brain, reducing the ability to concentrate or remember new information. Fortunately, getting students moving

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12 Halloween Ideas For Your Anatomy Class

Skeletons and fake blood? It’s like these Halloween ideas were made for Anatomy classes! Although I always include lots of experiments, projects, and labs in my Anatomy and Physiology course, Halloween is the perfect time to incorporate a few more. These engaging and creative Anatomy lesson ideas are sure to

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Using Medical Case Studies in the Anatomy Classroom

Solving problems and analyzing data are highlighted practices in the high school science classroom according to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Although this often includes analysis of wet labs and experiments, I propose that diagnostic case studies can fit these criteria, as well. There is no course in which case

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