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How to Use Science Doodle Notes in High School

Doodle notes. It’s a term you’ve probably heard in your teacher circles, on social media, and possibly even in professional development training. But what are science doodle notes and how can they be used in the high school classroom? Years ago, teachers were taught that each child had a particular

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Different Learning Styles: A Theory Debunked?

Are you a “visual learner”? Me too. Guess what- we all are. Learning styles are a popular concept in educational psychology. The idea of learning styles is that in order to best teach a student, the method of teaching needs to match the way that student learns best. Although a

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How and When to Write a Science Lab Report

I’m not sure that any high school teacher would say she loves having students write science lab reports. It’s often a lot like getting your kids to eat their vegetables- you know it’s good for them, but what a struggle to get them to do it! And grading lab reports

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Using Science Cornell Notes for Biology Notes

I’ve seen and used several different note-taking methods with my high school science students over the years, but Cornell-style notes have quickly become one of my favorite strategies. I’ve found that science Cornell notes are an easy and effective way for students to record important information from PowerPoints and even

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5 Movement Activities in the Classroom

I know what you’re thinking- These kids are rowdy enough! Why would I include more movement activities in the classroom? Well, scientific research has shown the average learner needs to move his or her body every 20–30 minutes. When students (or adults for that matter!) sit too long, it can

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12 Halloween Ideas For Your Anatomy Class

Skeletons and fake blood? It’s like these Halloween ideas were made for Anatomy classes! Although I always include lots of experiments, projects, and labs in my Anatomy and Physiology course, Halloween is the perfect time to incorporate a few more. These engaging and creative Anatomy lesson ideas are sure to

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Using Case Studies for Anatomy and Physiology

Integrating case studies for anatomy and physiology students can be a great way to encourage solving problems while giving them a taste of the medical profession. The analysis required to make a diagnosis is a real-world application of the Claim- Evidence- Reasoning format designated in the Next Generation Science Standards*.

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