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Anatomy and Physiology Scope and Sequence



New to teaching Anatomy and Physiology and looking for a place to start?  Need a pacing guide or scope and sequence document to show your adminstrators you’re ready for the year?

Overwhelmed by all the topics and standards you need to include? Have no fear!  With this FREE Anatomy and Physiology scope and sequence document, you’ll be able to plan your course with confidence!

This curriculum map will help you plan your course and includes traditional Anatomy and Physiology topics, NGSS and state standards, materials, and lab activity ideas.

Want to be DONE planning for your whole year? Get everything you need with my Full Year Anatomy and Physiology CourseIt includes PowerPoints, Cornell notes, doodle notes, activities, labs and dissections, literacy and math extensions, projects, and assessments!

This FREE Anatomy and Physiology Scope and Sequence document contains:

  • NGSS standards for Anatomy and Physiology
  • A pacing guide showing timing, topics, activities, and recommended materials for each unit
  • A list of optional supplementary resources, project, and topics that can be included in an Anatomy and Physiology course
  • 6 sets of state standards organized by body system
  • Tips and suggestions for choosing a textbook
  • Tips for incorporating Cornell notes and Doodle Notes into your Anatomy classroom
  • Information, procedures, and instructions for using microscopes with your Anatomy class
  • Blank templates for microscope work, homework assignments, and first-day information
  • 2 Anatomy and Physiology projects- one disease presentation and one model project (rubrics included)
  • A list of prefixes, roots, and suffixes to incorporate into each body system

NOTE: This is an electronic download.  No physical documents will be shipped to you.  You are welcome to use this overview to create your own syllabus or scope and sequence document, but please follow the included terms of use.


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