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DNA, RNA & Protein Synthesis Activity



Tired of boring worksheets to teach DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis? Bring some competition to your classroom with this fast-paced, low-prep game!

For this protein synthesis activity, students are divided into teams and given paper DNA sequences. After transcribing these sequences into RNA, students look for the correct codon card to determine the protein “sentence” that will be made! Watch out, though- these sentences are silly!


Included in this Protein Synthesis Game:

  1. Teacher instructions and background information
  2. 20 unique DNA sequences
  3. Codon cards with codons on one side and words on the other
  4. Student worksheet
  5. Answer key

Just print the codon cards, cut them out, and you’re ready to go!

My students have always loved this interactive game and I know yours will, too!


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