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Plant Anatomy Lab Stations



This station lab activity and coinciding worksheet are ideal for high school Biology students learning about the anatomy and physiology of plants.

The 7 stations include background information on plant structures and functions, as well as critical thinking questions. Your students will love learning and collaborating as they work through each station!

This Plant Anatomy Lab includes:

  • A teacher instruction page with materials list (photographs are included for absent students or to allow for a NO-PREP teaching option)
  • 7 stations with background reading, full-color pictures, and discussion questions
  • Student lab worksheet for recording answers
  • Answer key

Topics addressed within this product:

  • Station 1: Formation of wood and bark– sapwood, heartwood, cork, vascular cambium, xylem and phloem, tree rings
  • Station 2: Transpiration- stomata, cohesion, transpiration, transpiration pull
  • Station 3: Plant Adaptations- plant modifications, storage roots, tendrils, spines, succulents, rhizomes, tubers, and traps
  • Station 4: Leaf Pigments- chlorophyll, chloroplasts, pigments, carotenoids, anthocyanins, tannic acid, deciduous trees, evergreen trees, chromatography
  • Station 5: Monocots, Dicots & Germination- testa, seeds, epicotyl, radicle, hypocotyl, monocots, dicots, cotyledons
  • Station 6: Phototropism– auxin, phototropism, plant responses, experimental design
  • Station 7: Plant Ecology- plant genetics, colonial organisms, human impact on forests


This lab may be used as-is for a NO-PREP option, or live plants can be used to coincide with stations.


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