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Environmental Science Doodle Notes Bundle



This is a bundle of science doodle notes and worksheets that are made to align with your Environmental Science or Earth Science curriculum! 27 pages of beautifully designed, engaging doodle notes that will save your sanity and add creativity to your classroom! SAVE 25% with this big bundle!

Doodle notes are a fun method of note-taking that aids in memory by utilizing both hemispheres of the brain. Use them on their own, in a binder, or interactive notebook. Your students will love it!


**Please note: These notes are also part of my Full Environmental Science Curriculum.


Teaching virtually this year?

All of these Environmental Science notes also come with a digital option for completing on a device. Google Slides versions are included for every page so students can type notes, then print and color the pages or use as a digital notebook for the course.


Here is what other teachers have been saying about my doodle notes:

  • “Can’t give enough stars! Easy to print and use in class.”
  • “My students were very engaged with this and enjoyed filling them out in comparison with filling out note packets. Great resource!”
  • “Students have loved the notes and my teaching follows a more logical sequence since getting the bundle. Learning and engagement is up!”
  • “Students seem to be retaining the information if they doodle as we review.”


Includes 27 PAGES of Environmental Science doodle notes on the following topics:

  • Intro: Intro to Environmental Science, scientific methods, environmental economics & policies, 4 spheres of the earth
  • Biosphere: Basic ecology, food webs, symbiosis, endangered species, population growth, survivorship curves, biomes, primary v. secondary succession, indicator species, keystone species, pioneer species, biodiversity, invasive species
  • Hydrosphere: The water cycle, watersheds, aquifers, groundwater and irrigation, ocean productivity, water pollution, wetlands
  • Atmosphere: Layers and composition of the atmosphere, air pressure, global winds, seasons, ENSO, nitrogen cycle, phosphorous cycle, fast and slow carbon cycle
  • Geosphere: Layers of the earth, tectonic plates, plate boundaries, volcanoes, earthquakes, minerals, rocks, impacts of mining, soil composition and erosion, soil conservation, fossil fuels, renewable energy
  • Human Impact and Sustainability: land use, urbanization, smart growth, sustainable agriculture, sustainable timber harvesting, forest protection


**To see EVERY PAGE included in this resource, please see the thumbnail images provided above.**

Each page includes:

  • A gray student version (Gray is perfect for illustrated notes because your students’ coloring really shows up well on the page!)
  • A typed answer key for each page
  • A photograph of a student example for each page

Are these notes editable?

Unfortunately, I am not able to make my doodle notes pages editable. Many images and clipart pieces are used in the creation of these resources. In order to abide by the terms of use from these clipartists, I can not make my doodle notes editable. Thank you for your understanding.


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