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Muscle Fatigue Lab Activity



This quick NO-PREP muscle fatigue lab is the perfect addition to your muscular system unit! Students learn about the molecules involved in muscle fatigue, then demonstrate the process by purposely fatiguing various muscle groups. This is a favorite lab in any high school Biology or Anatomy classroom!

Teacher instructions and student pages are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: This resource is part of my Muscular System Unit and my Human Anatomy & Physiology Full Year Curriculum.


Many students come into high school with misinformation on muscle fatigue and the role of lactic acid during exercise. The background information in this lab is based on the most recent data regarding muscle fatigue and the molecules involved.

Topics include: aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, lactic acid, lactate, lactate threshold, ATP, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This activity addresses NGSS HS-LS1-2.

Included in this resource:

-1 teacher instruction page

-1 student page with background information on muscle fatigue (print & digital versions included)

-1 lab page for recording data and drawing conclusions (print & digital versions included)

-Answer key




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