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Skills Extensions for Anatomy Lessons



These extension worksheets are perfect for raising the rigor to your Anatomy lessons. They include opportunities for critical thinking, graphing and interpreting data, and using feedback loops and homeostasis within the context of body systems. These lessons can be used as homework pages, bell-ringers, sub plans or assignments for early finishers or honors students.


PLEASE NOTE: All of the extension pages in this bundle are also part of my Full Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum.


Three types of extension worksheets are included:

  • Digging Deeper (32 pages): These are content pages that aim to raise the level of difficulty in your A&P course. Most include short reading passages followed by discussion questions that review the content and encourage critical thinking.
  • Data Analysis (19 pages): These are math extension pages. They either provide opportunities for math calculations relating to the content or contain graphs for students to interpret. They are excellent for preparing students for standardized tests and upper-level science classes.
  • Homeostasis (12 pages): These pages include information on feedback loops for various body systems. Students organize steps of the feedback loops and answer questions relating to this process.


Extension Pages organized by body system:

  • Intro to A&P- Survival Needs, Cell Differentiation, Cell Cycle, Intro to Feedback Loops
  • Histology- Tissue Repair & Scars, Types of Membranes
  • Integumentary- Moles & Skin Cancer, Burn Homeostasis, Burns (Rule of Nines), Evaluating Beauty Claims
  • Skeletal- Skeletal Homeostasis, Fractures, Bone Density in Space, Bone Mapping
  • Muscular- Neuromuscular Junction, Fast v. Slow-twitch fibers
  • Endocrine- Stress, Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular- Artificial Blood, Homeostasis in the Blood, Blood Volume, Erythrocyte Life Cycle, Vital Signs: Pulse & Blood Pressure
  • Lymphatic- Inflammation, Antibodies, Immune Response Overview
  • Respiratory- Respiratory Homeostasis, Gas Exchanges, Hemoglobin, Vaping
  • Digestive- Bariatric Surgery, Digestive Homeostasis, Enzymes
  • Nervous- Concussions, Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Cerebrospinal Fluid Homeostasis
  • Urinary- Urinary Homeostasis, Body Fluid Compartments, Urinalysis Investigation
  • Reproductive- Comparison of Oogenesis & Spermatogenesis, Uterine and Menstrual Cycle, Infertility

Answer keys are included for all pages.


How can I use this in a virtual learning environment?

A Google Slides version of all the extension pages is included in this bundle. If your students have access to Google Slides, they can access the digital pages and type, draw, or insert images directly on the note pages. These are perfect for 1:1 classrooms.


These pages address NGSS HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-2, HS-LS1-3, HS-LS1-4, & HS-LS1-7.


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