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Anatomy and Physiology

How to plan Your Biology EOC Review

How to Plan Your Biology EOC Review

With your end-of-course exams just around the corner, there is no better time to begin thinking about how your students will prepare with a Biology EOC review. Here are some BIG ideas of how to make test prep easier, more engaging for students, and more informative for you!

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Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School

Best Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School

Even if the days of online schooling are over for many of us, there are benefits to having a list of virtual anatomy labs and resources in your back pocket. In the Anatomy & Physiology Classroom, online resources are great for: We have gathered a list of quality virtual anatomy

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Anatomy and Physiology Activities

5 Types of Engaging Anatomy and Physiology Activities

The lab portion of a high school Anatomy and Physiology course provides abundant opportunities for hands-on, engaging learning. Lab activities help make content more meaningful, and students generally enjoy doing them. If you are looking for new labs to incorporate into your course, here are 5 of our favorite types

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Organizing Late Work

How to Organize Late Assignments

You just sat down to catch up on grading and realize there are a few older assignments mixed in with the ones you collected yesterday. You try to remember: were these students absent or should these worksheets be counted late? With well over one hundred students, it’s a lot to

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Using Science Task Cards in your High School Classroom

Task cards can be a great tool in a teacher’s repertoire. Science task cards are perfect for a classroom review game, practice for early finishers, and formative assessments. If placed around the room, task cards are an easy way to incorporate movement and collaboration in the classroom as students rotate

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Essential Supplies for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

Essential Supplies for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

It’s back-to-school season and your administrator just announced you’ll be teaching Anatomy and Physiology. You know this class should have lots of lab activities and hands-on lessons, but where should you start? Here is a list of supplies and equipment traditionally used for an Anatomy and Physiology course: I know

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Dissection Lab Tips for Teachers

Many middle school and high school science classes include dissection lab studies for a variety of animal and/or organ dissections. They can be included in a discussion of human body systems or as an exploration of comparative anatomy during a unit on animal classification. Dissections labs can be intimidating for

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Easy Science Sub Plans for Emergency Days

Nothing is worse than an emergency sub day because you’re sick or you have to stay home to care for someone else. Coming up with science sub plans can be a frustrating addition to an already stressful day. Without warning, it’s easy to tell the sub to play a video

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How to Use Science Doodle Notes in High School

Doodle notes. It’s a term you’ve probably heard in your teacher circles, on social media, and possibly even in professional development training. But what are science doodle notes and how can they be used in the high school classroom? Years ago, teachers were taught that each child had a particular

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Different Learning Styles: A Theory Debunked?

Are you a “visual learner”? Me too. Guess what- we all are. Learning styles are a popular concept in educational psychology. The idea of learning styles is that in order to best teach a student, the method of teaching needs to match the way that student learns best. Although a

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