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Best Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School

Even if the days of online schooling are over for many of us, there are benefits to having a list of virtual anatomy labs and resources in your back pocket. In the Anatomy & Physiology Classroom, online resources are great for:

  • providing extra practice
  • administering simple formative assessments
  • supporting student learning through homework or on sub days
  • providing access to visuals and materials that might be limited in the classroom
  • allowing up-close viewing of models 
  • facilitating virtual lab experiences for absent students or when supplies are not available

We have gathered a list of quality virtual anatomy labs and other online resources that we hope you will find useful in your Anatomy & Physiology class.

Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School


  • These Histology Virtual Slides provide excellent specimens for students to practice identifying cells, tissues, and microscopic anatomical features. They are an easy alternative for Anatomy teachers who don’t have the resources for traditional microscopy labs.
  • This Virtual Microscope is a great online resource for students to work freely with a compound microscope. Many of the test slides are related to human anatomy. 

Anatomical Diagrams:

  • This Digital Human Anatomy and Physiology Diagrams Bundle, available in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers, provides 36  “fill in the blank” human body diagrams where students can practice labeling body systems and diagrams of internal organs. They can check their work using the provided keys and submit a self-grading Google quiz for each diagram. 
Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School
  • In this Skeletal Anatomy Game, students race against the clock to put labels for bones in the correct place. There are three levels, with the final level focusing on the skull.
  • Students can explore the detailed anatomy of each system on Innerbody.com. Images and extensive descriptions are provided for each part of the body.
  • A simple Anatomy search will bring up thousands of free games on the Purpose Games website. Many of these user-created games are based on labeling different parts of the human body and are sorted in order of popularity. 
  • The Wisc-Online – Health Science / Life Science Section includes interactive, animated activities covering a variety of anatomy concepts.
  • Anatomy Arcade includes games for the Skeletal, Muscular, Circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive and Endocrine systems. Self-checking crosswords are great for reviewing terms!
  • This Visual Anatomy App provides information and images for each body system and organ. It requires a subscription but is an excellent resource if you have funding available.
  • The Niagara County Community College Virtual Anatomy Lab provides digital access to models, slides, and dissection materials used in a college lab. The clearly labeled, real images for each system are a great resource.


  • While these pHET Simulations are labeled as Biology, they are relevant in an Anatomy classroom as well. Simulation topics include neurons, color vision, and genes.
  • This Bioman site contains a few fun games on topics covered in an Anatomy and Physiology classroom, including respiratory, endocrine, cell, and immunity games. 
  • This Virtual Pig Dissection takes students through the steps of a traditional fetal pig dissection including thorough information on the anatomy of the pig.
  • These HHMI Biointeractive Anatomy & Physiology Classroom Resources are an interactive way for students to learn about various systems and topics related to Anatomy & Physiology. Click ‘n Learn activities include Biomolecules on the Menu, The Immune System, Genetic Mutations & Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and The Molecular Structure of Fat. High-quality virtual labs are available for Cardiology, Neurophysiology, and Immunology.

So whether you have a sub day, some absent students, or just need a few online resources to get through your unit, I hope these virtual anatomy labs will come in handy!

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