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Plant Experiments for Biology Class

Would you like to incorporate more plant experiments for your Biology lesson plans? Not sure how plant labs fit into your course standards? We’ve got some great plant lab ideas for you and will help you see how they can align with the Next Generation High School Life Science Standards*.

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Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School

Best Virtual Anatomy Labs for High School

Even if the days of online schooling are over for many of us, there are benefits to having a list of virtual anatomy labs and resources in your back pocket. In the Anatomy & Physiology Classroom, online resources are great for: We have gathered a list of quality virtual anatomy

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7 Fun Protein Synthesis Activities

Winter is the perfect time of year for engaging protein synthesis activities to bring some life back to your Biology classroom! Since many Biology teachers traditionally hit DNA and protein synthesis near the holidays, we wanted to share a few protein synthesis resources that are sure to engage your students.

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Fun Biology Experiments

7 Fun Biology Experiments for High School

What better way to learn about life’s mysteries than through exciting and fun biology experiments? High school is the perfect time to delve deeper into the world of biology, and I’ve gathered seven fun and educational experiments that will ignite your students’ curiosity and make biology come alive. So, roll

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Anatomy and Physiology Activities

5 Types of Engaging Anatomy and Physiology Activities

The lab portion of a high school Anatomy and Physiology course provides abundant opportunities for hands-on, engaging learning. Lab activities help make content more meaningful, and students generally enjoy doing them. If you are looking for new labs to incorporate into your course, here are 5 of our favorite types

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Scientific Method Experiments

3 Types of Scientific Method Experiments

So you’ve just started your year and you need to review some basic science processes. Although the scientific method is something best to incorporate throughout your other topics, starting a course with some engaging scientific method experiments is an easy way to practice inquiry learning and hands-on activities. Using open-ended

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Essential Supplies for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

Essential Supplies for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

It’s back-to-school season and your administrator just announced you’ll be teaching Anatomy and Physiology. You know this class should have lots of lab activities and hands-on lessons, but where should you start? Here is a list of supplies and equipment traditionally used for an Anatomy and Physiology course: I know

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Dissection Lab Tips for Teachers

Many middle school and high school science classes include dissection lab studies for a variety of animal and/or organ dissections. They can be included in a discussion of human body systems or as an exploration of comparative anatomy during a unit on animal classification. Dissections labs can be intimidating for

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How and When to Write a Science Lab Report

I’m not sure that any high school teacher would say she loves having students write science lab reports. It’s often a lot like getting your kids to eat their vegetables- you know it’s good for them, but what a struggle to get them to do it! And grading lab reports

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Homeschool Science Labs: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

I’ve been teaching high school science for over 20 years and a number of those have been as a homeschool science educator. Over the years, I’ve heard questions repeated from homeschooling parents regularly: “High schools near me don’t even do real labs anymore.  They’re all virtual.  Why should I spend

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