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Food Web Project for World Biomes



This food web project allows students to construct a food web for a biome of the world.  It is designed for middle school and high school courses. The included maps, worksheets, and poster project provide a great introduction to habitats, biomes, and food webs. Topics include food webs, habitats, climate, tropical rainforest, savannah, desert, steppe, chaparral, grasslands, deciduous forest, taiga, tundra, and alpine biomes.

Click here to see a video of the project.

This poster project is designed to facilitate independent learning and is ideal for a sub-plan or simply to encourage self-instruction of basic concepts. If independent learning isn’t your goal, it still fits perfectly into a teacher-directed curriculum.


Included in this product:

-Teacher instructions, materials list & web links

-Student graphic organizer for biome research

-Student directions for a food web poster project

-Pictures & descriptions for animals in EACH BIOME

-Map of the world

-Grading rubric


➤My FULL ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CURRICULUM includes lessons for each sphere of the earth:

1. Hydrosphere  (Unit 1 – Surface Water & Groundwater, Unit 2 – Marine Biomes & Water Pollution)

2. Biosphere (Unit 1 – Ecology & Food Webs, Unit 2 – Species & Populations, Unit 3 – World Biomes, Ecological Succession, & Biodiversity)

3. Atmosphere Unit

4. Geosphere/Lithosphere (Unit 1 – Plate Tectonics, Unit 2 – Minerals Mining & Soil, Unit 3 – Fossil Fuels & Renewable Energy

5. Land Use and Sustainability


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