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Osmosis Egg Lab Experiment



This classic osmosis egg lab will be one your middle school and high school students will remember forever! Student worksheets for this egg lab are differentiated for on-level and honors students to challenge various learners. All students will have a better understanding of cell tonicity when they’re finished!

Please note: This lab is also part of my Full-Year Biology Course.

This is a quick and memorable lesson showing how semipermeable membranes help a cell maintain homeostasis. Full-color photos add to the explanation of the concepts.

The activity involves student observations of osmosis through the use of de-shelled eggs. Eggs without shells are perfect for demonstrating the movement of water, as it is easily seen in only minutes! Your students will have great fun examining the swollen egg in the hypotonic solution and the shrunken egg in the hypertonic solution.


Included in this product:

  • Teacher instructions and materials list (note: this lab must be started 4-5 days in advance unless the photos are being used instead)
  • On-level lab procedures with student worksheet questions
  • Honors lab procedures with student worksheet questions
  • Conclusion and application questions
  • Answer keys

Need background information on cellular transport and tonicity? The Unit 3: Cell Structures & Transport unit from my full Biology curriculum may be helpful.


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