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Anatomy Case Study – Legionnaire’s Disease



Your high school students will love learning about the respiratory system through this anatomy case study!  This is a great addition to an Anatomy & Physiology, Health Sciences, or Medical Pathology course and the problem-based lessons provide a great example of real NGSS phenomena.  Legionnaire’s Disease is a specific bacterial infection of the lungs, so it fits right in with your Respiratory System lessons. There’s even a little history included in this case for a great cross-curricular connection!

Anatomy case studies are perfect for extending thinking on a topic or for use as sub plans. Answer keys are included.

Topics addressed: Legionnaire’s disease, Legionella bacteria, chest X-ray, pneumonia, complete blood count, urinalysis, antigens, lungs, infection, antibiotics, outbreak


Two versions are included:

1. Guided Case Study– Students are presented with the symptoms and diagnosis, then led through the related information about the condition. Questions are presented as a reading comprehension-style assignment. This is a great choice for struggling students or as a quick supplement to your unit.

2. Research-based Case Study– Students are presented with the symptoms and diagnosis. Websites are provided for additional information in order to answer the related questions about the condition. This is a great choice for more advanced/independent students or if you have more available class time.

*A digital page has been added to aid in the easy use of research links.

3. Digital Case Study- Students are provided the same links as the research-based study, but they are live websites for easy internet searching and questions are provided in a digital document or Google Form for easy grading. This is a great choice for 1:1 classrooms or independent learners that are familiar with Google Classroom.

*Please note: To determine if this case study fits with the difficulty-level of your course, please click on the PREVIEW above.


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