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Free Doodle Notes- 4 Spheres of the Earth



These environmental science doodle notes are the perfect introduction to the four spheres of the earth- biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere. They are a fun method of note-taking that aids in memory by utilizing both hemispheres of the brain. Use them on their own, in a binder, or interactive notebook. Your students will love it!


**Please note: These notes are also part of my Full Environmental Science Curriculum.

Each page includes:

-A gray student version (Gray is perfect for illustrated notes because your students’ coloring really shows up well on the page!)

-A typed answer key for each page

-A photograph of a student example for each page


Have a 1:1 classroom with digital learners?

These science doodle notes also come with a digital option for completing on a device.


Are these notes editable?

Many images and clipart pieces are used in the creation of these resources. In order to abide by the terms of use from these clip artists, I can not make my doodle notes editable. Thank you for your understanding.


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